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Peroni AGD-EI masina de pus elastic la agende sau cope (2012)

Age: 2012 Max.Size: 51 x 34 cm (20 x 13 inch) Impress.Count: mio


Description: Masina semi-automata de pus elastic la agende sau coerti rigide, semi-automatic machine to thread and to glue one flat elastic band, onto flat covers and already cased-in agendas by using hot-melt glue., , Semi automatic elastic application machine , PERONI AGD-EI, year of produce 2012, Used materials:, Flat covers and completed agendas, with max. 25 mm spine, Elastic band min. 5 mm – max. 15 mm large, Cover thickness : min. 1 mm – max. 2,5 mm, (3,5 mm for foam board cases), Case size range: , min. 83 mm x 120 mm , max. 340 mm x 510 mm, Production capacity: 7/8 cycles/minute, Electrical power required : 4 kW, Pneumatic consumption : 150 Nl/min, Overall dimensions: 1400 mm x 1450 mm x 2100 mm (machine), 700 x 450 x 700 mm ( glue system )

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